When We Are Forgotten, page 1-2

When We Are Forgotten - Title


When We Are Forgotten - page 01

spacer.pngWhen We Are Forgotten - page 02


2 Responses to “When We Are Forgotten, page 1-2”

  1. awesome!

    i really like your style! i knew of a site where one can make comic strips – pikistrips – by putting text bubbles over pictures.
    rather neat! and i wanted to try it out that way. but after seeing your work, i want to do it “manually” for a custom-made look. after all i know photoshop 😀 and fireworks and illustrator!

    um, if it is no big secret, may i know which s/w’s you used to create these strips? if it is a secret, i understand!

  2. Thanks! I’m pleased to hear that you like it, and that maybe it can give you some inspiration.
    If you know both photoshop, fireworks and illustrator you should be pretty well off 🙂
    For the moment I’m using paint shop pro ver. 7.0, not for any other reason that it’s just the software I’m most familiar with (been a faithful psp user since ver. 3 or something like that hehe). And in my opinion v7 was the most optimal of them all – I never really got into the newer versions after Corel bought up the JASC company.

    But it’s not really the software, I think. Most graphical software products nowadays are so well evolved that you can do almost everything with them. It’s all about knowing what you’re going for.

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