Biyang Hansen is 23, and currently residing in Denmark. He is an aspiring writer and musician.

Official Website: http://www.biyanghansen.net


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  1. i thought this might be helpful. you can submit your blog here under an appropriate category

    and the blinklist email works! the only problem is, it handles only blogs, not blog POSTS 😦

    anyway, better tham nothing!

  2. Thanks for the link – I’ll check it out. If you incorporate the email feature on your blog, you can make it work with blog posts too, you just have to write the right permalink in the address tag, and then place the link in the post in question. I just chose to use it to link to the whole blog instead of having to put it in every post I make.

    Hope that helps.

  3. yes, technically speaking, it should work. but um, the sent email says something like the sender wants you to check this SITE. that’s a bit confusing if i send a single blog ehtry! 😦

  4. maybe for artists another option is to host the same images in a free image hosting site that also has a share-this-image-by-email feature and provide the link in the same image in our blog. i swear i saw something like this somewhere. ans i’d love to have it! sigh, treasure isn’t easy to find!

    all image hosting sites provide different codes – direct url, for blogs etc, for forum and for email. i wonder if THAT is where the solution lies. i’m not concerned with this thing for my two running blogs. but i’d love to have it in my art blog πŸ˜€

  5. Now, the first thing to say straightly…I am in love with your blog at first surf…this is something I always wanted to do but never had the means at disposal. Blogrolling you and will keep a very close watch. Keep it up!

  6. maybe you should also make a grey bookmark button and link it to addthis bookmark and another for rss? something tells me that this is a blog where people will actually want to use those things.

  7. Thank you very much “Life’s Elsewhere”. Will be checking up on your blog too.

    @ Netty Gritty: Yeah it can be a jungle to make everything work as you like it too. I’m sure you will find a way though.
    Your suggestion on the sidebar buttons has been taken note of πŸ™‚

  8. since you are a musician, i thought you might like this! πŸ˜€


  9. @NettyGritty: πŸ˜‰ hehe yeah, nice one.

  10. Biyang…a request. Can you one day write something about your personal poetics regarding graphic novels/stories? Would you categorize your works under ‘photo roman’?

  11. @ Life’s Elsewhere:
    I’m not exactly sure what you mean. I would be thankful if you could elaborate it a bit. Do you mean what I think of the genre as a whole or of anything specific? By ‘roman’ do you mean novel/story?

    As for categorizing my works, I would probably call them “graphic stories” or merely “comics”.

    Feel free to ask any questions you’d like – I’d be happy to answer them as well as I can.

  12. gee, that makes two of us, then! suddenly i don’t feel like a lone fool anymore πŸ˜€ as i do not know what it means either!

    “graphic novel” suits me, btw. it’s evocative and contemporaray, whereas “photo roman” kind of made me visualize ancient roman art, but then again, maybe it is just me!

  13. Okay! Lazy me…should have elaborated. You see, the French – during the world wars and later – devised something called the photo-roman, a photo-novel literally, where frames of dramatized photographs were collated into a narrative, a sort of decoupage, one can say , a photographed storyboard before making a film.
    Your project uses photographs similarly, instead of drawings and sketches as in conventional comics. Therefore I asked… or might be you are such a good painter that I thought they were photoshoped photographs! Might be you painted them.
    Yeah, asking about graphic novels/stories in general, specially in the contemporary…and also how you work with your media in particular. You know comics introduces something which might turn out to be a distraction otherwise, or a constraint. It is the narrative.
    This might be a question: do you compose a frame-within-a-sequence with similar liberty that you enjoy in a single-frame composition? Do you think ‘realism’ is a pain in a narrative-sequence whereas digital art has so successfully escaped its pressures? Can a single frame of a comics, or a single page draw attention of being ‘autonomous canvas’ like a non-narrative frame?
    What I like about contemporary digital art is that it evokes, suggests, provokes things in mind…it uses photographs, i.e. fragments of reality, to suggest something more imaginative (I mean the 1920s surrealists have missed the Photoshops and GIMPs and Paint.NETs!)…But won’t similar leaps of imagination get a bit restrained in a narrative-art? In other words, will narrative art therefore remain secondary to a digital visual artist?
    I have seen how some artists’ works, like Dave McKean’s for example, in the Neil Gaiman comics’ cover arts resist the narrative pressure. On the other hand, a graphic novel like Arkham Asylum turns out to be so visual that it forgets that it is a novel!

    Quite an elaboration that! Will speak again if I am still vague.
    BTW, enjoying the epistolary story.

  14. Thank you very much for elaborating, Life’s Elsewhere.

    I wasn’t aware of that French term. Coincidentally, in Danish, we actually use the word “roman” which translates directly to the English word “novel”. But assuming that you don’t speak Danish, I wasn’t sure what you meant when using it. Like Sanjida, I too got the picture of something being “roman” in style, i.e. with parallels to the Roman Empire. Clearly, that didn’t make sense at all, hence the request of elaboration.

    I find your thoughts on how the narrative correlates with the imagery most interesting. That the inclusion of narrative may be a constraining factor to the possibility of unlimited graphic expression/exploration.

    Give me a little while to think about it and I will write a post with my thoughts on the subject.

  15. […] comics – as a genre and as an art form. Life’s Elsewhere asked me some interesting questions here, and I will answer them the best I can in this post. These are my opinions and should be taken as […]

  16. i um, disn’t know where else to talk about it. so i will do it here!

    it’s the theme issue i have about my art blog. i have settled for redoable lite. one of the things i love is the fact that the sidebar is out of sight. but i wish the colour was solid black, instead of murky grey. but i have decided to post my images in one-cell tables. and the bg col will be black. that way the photos can have a black frame, kind of. not too bad! i mean it’s the best free solution i have right now.

  17. Using a one-cell table in order to give the picture a black border sounds like a good way to do it. Be sure to test in several browsers though.
    Sounds like we’re all having a hard time finding themes that we like πŸ™‚

    But good luck with it, and looking forward to seeing the result when you go live with it.

  18. the ring surf doesn’t work, or at least i wasn’t able to find its ways… you have an interesting blog, i’ll be back.

  19. Eh, the ‘ring surf’? What are you thinking of? Not sure I know what you mean. Thanks for dropping by, you’re welcome back anytime!

  20. oopsie!
    i think alaleh has been referring to the link i gave you (look at the beginning of this comment thread). i have to say i didn’t check out how it works. i just saw the categories and i thought you would be interested, if it is a false lead, then please accept my apologies. πŸ˜€

  21. Ah okay, of course – didn’t think of that. I checked it out and it seemed to work fine to me. Never registered there, though.

  22. hey,
    do you think my new button, i mean avatar is to retro? should i go for one of those oh-so-polished web2 buttons instead? i’m still experimenting and i would like to know your opinion!

  23. Nah it’s cool – web2.0 graphics are boring IMO πŸ˜‰

  24. πŸ™‚

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