The 25.000 Roadblock – NanoNews

The last couple of days have been tough. My word count went down until it reached a complete standstill yesterday, with only 88 words down on paper. I hit the 25k half-way mark like driving at full-speed into a concrete roadblock. Not a single coherent word would fight its way out of me. It was like the story mutinied on me.
Though I precisely knew what was going to happen next, and had the plot laid out on paper in front of me, it all jammed together. I had no idea of how to get one character from one side of the street to the other. Yes, it was that serious. All they did was staring back at me, inquiringly, waiting for me to make up my mind about the next word. And that was exactly what I was utterly incapable of doing.
So last night I just gave up (for the day at least), something I felt I should have done hours before, and went to bed, run down. Fearing tomorrow.

Today though, things have eased up and the deadlock seems to have passed. I managed to get 5627 words written today, which is an all time maximum for this story. It was quite relieving just to be able to write again. Being able to not sit in doubt for an hour for each word written.
So the plot are finally heading in the direction I want it to go, which is pretty nice. Apart from that, I am completely wasted now, it’s ten minutes to two and I need some sleep.

So see you around, and good night…


~ by Biyang Hansen on November 12, 2007.

5 Responses to “The 25.000 Roadblock – NanoNews”

  1. IMHO you’re remarkably productive. Hang in there and take breaks when you need to.
    All the best, TT

  2. Thanks. Yeah breaks seem to be quite a necessity 🙂 Gotta keep that in mind in the future to avoid brain shorts and other nasty stuff that will keep me from reaching the 50k goal, hehe.

    Ok, off to bed now!

  3. giving birth (to a novel) seems to be quite painful!
    but no pain, no gain and no novel! 😀

  4. Thanks for popping by my NaNo journal and leaving some advice for my journey into cyberpunk. I’m sending you positive writing mojo!

  5. Thanks, Amanda 🙂 and congrats to you for winning – well done!

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