Overhearing Lovers’ Talk

Overhearing Lovers’ Talk


* * *

Tough morning today. Last night, we ended up in a small joint, playing billiards and listening to old classics on the jukebox. We had a good time, but Ballantine’s never leaves you be in the morning. So a good part of today went with a long walk, enjoying the calm before the winter sets in for real.

The rest of the time I’ve mostly been listening to music, while roaming blogs and working on some graphics. The one above – “Overhearing Lovers’ Talk” – I got finished today.


~ by Biyang Hansen on October 22, 2007.

3 Responses to “Overhearing Lovers’ Talk”

  1. very much like the composition: that semi circle is strong!

  2. that picture proves it yet again, “less is more”. on that note, let me say something, give us “less” pictures biyang! god, is my pun clear enough? 😀

  3. Thanks alaleh! And Sanjida, yeah I get your pun 🙂 Still, though, I should get myself pulled together and do some more writing.

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