A Drawing

Portrait #1

I was, as promised, going to post a new graphic short story here, after ending “I’ll Stop Crying When You Come Home”, but it has kind of dragged out, and I haven’t finished it yet. I guess you could call it lack of inspiration or something down that alley. Sorry about that folks, I’ll do what I can to get something ready as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, have a look at this drawing I did earlier today. (Yes, some new content here after all!) Hope you like it, since there is probably going to be more of them coming.

– Biyang Hansen


~ by Biyang Hansen on October 15, 2007.

4 Responses to “A Drawing”

  1. This is wonderful Biyang. You are indeed a multi-talented person.

  2. Thanks a lot, Timethief.

  3. cool! i like it! who is it? is that you?

    am i allowed to ask a tecnical question here?:D i get effects like this using threshold in photoshop. did you do it the same way in paintshop pro?

    if you don’t wanna reveal the secret that’s fine too!

  4. Thanks. No it isn’t me 🙂 It’s a friend of mine.

    Sure, technical questions are welcome too. But no, it’s not the threshold effect – it’s true that threshold enhances the contrasts and lines in a photo, but often it completely destroys it too – it gets grainy and with a lot of pixel errors.
    No secret really, you have to think ‘light’ and ‘shadow’ when you draw. Draw the shapes of the light (or the shadow). But still be sure that you don’t loose the overall ‘feeling’ of the subject you’re portraying. If I should give one advice, I’d say simplicity. Don’t draw it if it’s not necessary. (But as with all advice, the complete opposite would be true too, so after all, do what you think looks the best). Afraid there’s no easy way out. Not that I know of at least.

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